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NC Office of Administrative Hearings - Office Move Information

OAH’s two main building locations at 422 and 424 North Blount Street were part of the State property sale that took place in 2006. OAH has moved to a new location at 1711 New Hope Church Road, Raleigh NC, 27609. OAH is the sole occupant in the New Hope Professional Center building. This opportunity has allowed OAH to consolidate all other Raleigh locations at Front Street and Glenwood Avenue into the New Hope Professional Center at the same time.

 OAH looks forward to providing continuing and improving service to the citizens of North Carolina in the new location and is committed to a minimal disruption to OAH clients during this transition period. Please call our main number at (919) 431-3000 if you have any questions.

All deliveries must now be made to the new building at 1711 New Hope Church Road, Raleigh NC, 27609 and all phone calls and FAX transmissions must use the new numbers.

Phone numbers for our four locations that are moving have all changed. The old numbers will provide a voice message directing callers to the new numbers for a period of one year. Main number changes and FAX number changes are listed here.

Phone - Old Number - New Number:

  • Office of Administrative Hearings_______919-733-2691______919-431-3000
  • Administrative Law Judge____________919-733-2698______919-431-3000
  • Rules Division_____________________919-733-2678______919-431-3000
  • Civil Rights_______________________919-733-0431______919-431-3036
  • Office of Administrative Hearings FAX___919-733-3462______919-431-3100
  • Clerks Office FAX___________________919-733-3478______919-431-3100
  • Hearings Office FAX_________________919-733-3407______919-431-3100
  • Civil Rights FAX____________________919-733-4866______919-431-3103
  • Rules Division FAX__________________919-733-9415______919-431-3104

Directions to New Location:

Access from New Hope Church Road will be westbound (right turn) only. There is a center divider to prevent left turns into or out of our front parking lot. There is rear access to Forest Ridge Road which allows other road accesses as shown in the map below.

Take Wake Forest Road north from the Beltline. Go one block past New Hope Church Road and turn right on Forest Ridge Road. The New Hope Professional Center is on the right side of the road (second building from the corner).

The building is located close to public transit. Capital Area Transit provides bus service (Route 2 - Falls of the Neuse) with stops in both directions on Wake Forest road near New Hope Church road (about one block walking distance). Check the Capital Area Transit web site for schedules and routes.


New Building Map